Monday, 15 December 2014

Balancing Minigame continued - Version 0.8

Quick update to my change log tonight:   

/* Version 0.8 - Added Raycasting when camera is balanced directly on planet.
 * Added timer, no code hook up yet */

Not been able to complete as much tonight as I was preparing for our team meeting tomorrow. I still need to scan in my notes I made about this minigame as well. It's still in my notebook.

Additionally need to scan in and computerise my case and class diagrams. Again in my notebook.

Functionality idea: Adding obfuscation by having different colliders around for the raycast to hit. On hit return data based on colliders type/name/tag or layer. This would result in different levels of feedback. Meaning that I could use this technique to have the player return different levels of 'fuzzy' data/photo's. The more centered they aim, the better the result, the less accurate they are, the worse.

Left to do on this minigame:
  • Create UI to inform users they should use Thrust.
  • Create immersing UI
  • Add timer until victory - Added, need to hook up to code
  • Add defeat once rotation meets X position
  • Replace placeholder assets
  • Integrate and test on Occulus Rift
Left on IR minigame:
  • Need to cover this with the team tomorrow as there may be some confusion about how this minigame is being presented.

Note to self: Don't forget to import the Occulus Rift APIs. Perhaps export package into new project set up properly for VR support. Would be more organised that way.

Note to self: Do we want photos to be taken automatically or via player input? Easy to implement either way code-wise. This will be down to play testing. If the balancing mechanic is very active (which it is currently) having the player take photographs manually will become difficult and annoying. Need to playtest demo once timer is hooked up.