Saturday, 17 January 2015

Rough work - UML diagrams for Minigame 2

Please find below the rough work done for mini game 2.

Minigame 2 use cases - draft

More to come to this section

Rough work - UML diagrams for Minigame 1

The below are various rough use cases I did for our first Balancing minigame. Along with a class diagram:

Use case draft on Bottom Left Page

Use Case Diagram reworked

Class Diagram based on above usecase diagram

Class diagram followed by class dependancies
In the next part I'll be covering the second minigame.

Rough work - Use Cases and Class diagram for Main Menu

Please find below the rough use case diagrams, activity diagram and class diagram for our Main Menu system I sketched up:

Basic high level use case - on Right Page

Activity Diagram on Right Page. High level use case on top left

Class Diagram for Main Menu
Please find the rough work for minigame one in the next post.

Rough work - Brainstorming notes

Gearing up towards the final report(s)/deliverables I thought it prudent to post all the notes and technical designs I sketched out for the system I was working on. Please find these in the next few posts.

Note: Please note that I was working backwards in my notebook and as such the pages read from right to left.

This post covers some basic brain storming I did on the first minigame titled "Balancing minigame".

Page 1 - Minigame brainstorming

Page 2 - Minigame brainstorming

Page 3 - Minigame brainstorming

Page 4 - Minigame brainstorming

Page 5 - Minigame brainstorming
Page 5 also covers a basic use case diagram for the presentation segment of our overall system. The next section will cover the main menu UML diagrams.